MTM5400 mobilna stanica

MTM5400 mobilna stanica

Product Description


The TEDS Ready MTM5400 TETRA DMO Gateway/Repeater mobile radio provides extended coverage, exceptional audio performance and high-speed data connectivity to address current and future critical communication needs of professional users. From advanced Over The Air terminal management capability, to integrated DMO repeater-gateway and high-speed USB 2.0 interfacing, the rugged MTM5400 TETRA DMO Gateway/Repeater combines a wide range of advanced features for enhanced usability and improved safety.


EDS Ready. The TETRA Enhanced Data Service platform for next generation mission critical data applications.
Advanced Remote Terminal Management – Enabled via software, this ground-breaking capability allows the MTM5400 TETRA DMO Gateway/Repeater mobile radio to stay live while being programmed and software upgraded. This feature works to maximize productivity and eliminate radio downtime and will even work Over The Air.
Exceptional voice communications capabilities based on a new high performance audio platform.
Unique AT multiplexer functionality that allows multiple data applications to be supported concurrently through the same physical peripheral port.
Installation flexibility – connect multiple remote control heads or peripheral equipment to the transceiver for even greater levels of installation flexibility.
Secure connectivity to mobile computing devices and accessories via USB 2.0 peripheral interface
Comprehensive end-to-end encryption functions including an integrated SIM-based option for additional flexibility.
Outstanding Operational Range
Best in class RF performance of the MTM5400 Gateway / Repeater mobile radio helps to ensure that personnel are always within reach especially in high clutter and indoor environments.
Extended radio coverage on demand through integrated DMO repeater / DMO gateway functionality.
Industry Leading Rugged Design
Dust and water ingress protection with the rugged IP67 control head option for enhanced weather resistance – a solution that is well matched to motorcycles or installations in challenging outdoor environments
MTM5400 Gateway/Repeater mobile radio features industry leading durability, exceeding the requirements of ETS EN 300 019-1-5 Class 5M3