MTR3000 bazna stanica/odašiljač

MTR3000 bazna stanica/odašiljač

Product Description


Combining the best of two-way radio with digital technology, MOTOTRBO delivers increased capacity, exceptional voice quality, enhanced battery performance and integrated data communication via the industry’s largest third party application developer program. MOTOTRBO is built to the globally recognized ETSI DMR Tier 2 standard.
Available in UHF and 800 / 900 MHz frequency bands, MTR3000 is 100-watt, continuous duty base station/repeater that operates in digital mode in MOTOTRBO Conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Connect Plus systems. In addition, the MTR3000 can also operate in analog mode for conventional and analog Trunking systems providing a flexible high power base station/repeater.


Operates in analog or MOTOTRBO digital mode with a LED indicating mode of operation
Reliable 100W Continuous Duty Cycle Operation 12.5 or 25 kHz programmable channel spacing
Analog and digital conventional are all standard in one base station without the cost of additional software or hardware
Power supply functions over a wide range of voltages RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant
Integrated 100W Power Amplifier and AC/DC
Power Supply afford minimized: cabling, rack space, expense, and overall complexity


Supports two simultaneous voice paths in digital 12.5 kHz TDMA 6.25e compliant
Divides existing channel into two timeslots delivering twice the capacity through a single repeater
Supports MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect for increased wide area coverage (Software License Required)

Repeater diagnostic and control software provides remote or local site monitoring
Easy to replace components with functionally separate Field Replaceable Units (FRU)
Software based design simplifies feature upgrades
Easy access to station ports (no need to remove the front panel) shortening installation and maintenance time
For ease of installation, minimal station alignment is needed
Improved Warranty: Backed by Motorola’s Standard 2-year Warranty