PDR3500 bazna stanica/odašiljač

PDR3500 bazna stanica/odašiljač

Product Description


Motorola’s PDR 3500 is a TransPortable Digital Repeater/Base Station that provides versatile communications in a rapidly deployable and compact package. It is a Quantar based product that functions in Analog or ASTRO operation in conventional systems. The software inherent in the PDR 3500 design allows features and system configuration to be specified to your needs through your choice of appropriate software options.



  • Quantar product platform based
  • Repeater or Base Station Operation
  • The software inherent in the product design allows features and system configurations to be specified through your choice of appropriate software options
  • Software intensive design allows for system migration and feature upgrades via FLASHport™
  • Conventional Project 25 compliant (optional)
  • Transparent to Digital Encryption Operation
  • Analog, or ASTRO operation in conventional systems
  • 30 Watts (Nominal) RF power output
  • 20 Watts through Duplexer
  • 25 Watts (Nominal) RF power output UHF range 4
  • 17 Watts through Duplexer
  • 22 Watts (Nominal) RF power output 800 MHz
  • 15 Watts through Duplexer
  • Programmable Channel Spacing
  • Rugged Aluminum Case for rapid deployment capability
  • Closed case operation
  • Quarter Wave Magnetic Whip Antenna
  • 85-250 V AC 50-60 Hz input power
  • High efficiency auto switching AC power supply
  • 12 V DC Adapter Cable ships with every unit
  • UL/CSA approved
  • Crosspatch capability
  • Mixed Mode available using wireline and ASTRO 

Modem options.

  • Tone Remote Control wireline option (via console/
  • deskset)
  • Digital Remote Control using wireline, V.24 card, 
  • synchronous external modem and appropriate 
  • infrastructure
  • Direct connection to infrastructure using wireline 
  • and V.24 options


  • Functionally separate modules: Field Replaceable Units
  • Software intensive design speeds upgrades
  • Programming and diagnostic testing performed through a personal computer
  • Lightweight 43 lbs. without Duplexer
  • Reliable solid state performance
  • Transmit 50% duty cycle operation
  • Uses same RSS as Quantar and the same programming cable
  • Self-testing eases regular maintenance